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Everything Electric is a global event series focused on promoting EVs, renewable energy, and sustainable tech.

Organized by Fully Charged SHOW, known for home energy & electric vehicle content, the events educate and engage industry professionals and the public, driving the transition to a cleaner future.

Fully Charged, the world's number 1 home energy & electric vehicle YouTube channel. Founded and hosted by Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge, Carpool) the Fully Charged SHOW is not solely about Electric Cars, but is about Electric Vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and is investing heavily in Home Energy and Clean Energy solutions too with its sister channel, Everything Electric SHOW

With more than 1,000 episodes on YouTube, the Fully Charged SHOW has amassed a consistent global audience of more than 4 million viewers per month.

The origins of Fully Charged lay in the question, ‘is it possible for humans to no longer need to burn things to live, to work and to travel?’ An unachievable destination perhaps, but an important direction of travel as the world responds to air pollution and climate breakdown. Our recent Fully Charged survey shows that our audience want to live and work in buildings, and travel in vehicles that don’t cost the earth.

Fully Charged exists therefore to educate, encourage and explain to its viewers that a very high percentage of the energy that the global population demands can and should, come from ‘clean’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage. In short, we would like the world to…



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