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Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman

Founder and Principal, AI Technology and Design
Mike Freedman is not the world’s most interesting person…but he is close! He has done it all from being a radio personality to working for record labels, iconic audio brands, founding companies and even working as a body guard for a number of high-profile celebrities and politicians. “I am basically just a music lover who figured out how to turn my hobby into a career” In 2000, after finishing his education at University of Windsor, Mike pointed his truck west and set off in search of adventure with a few suitcases and very little else. Now entering his 24th year as a BC resident, he is glad to call the west coast home and resides in South Surrey/White Rock aka South Rock. Originally planning on continuing his radio career in BC, Mike accidently found himself doing something completely different! What started as a dream of owning a small business morphed into an accidental career – along the way helping to launch Beats headphones in Canada and becoming one of the founding fathers of Sonos Canada. Few have had as much fun in their work lives as Mike: 2 decades working for world leading audio companies such as Sonos and Beats as well as iconic brands like Linn, Tannoy, PMC, Parasound, Sennheiser, Polk Audio, Skull Candy and many others. He worked with producers like Giles Martin, Rick Rubin and Jimmy Iovine and rubbed shoulders with a wide range of his musical heroes including Gene Simmons, Iggy Pop, Dr Dre and many others. He retired from Sonos in 2017 and founded Audio Insider (now AI Technology & Design) in 2019 to help address some of the longstanding pain points created by the industry he loves. Mike is a proud member of HAVAN (Vancouver Homebuilders Association) and is one of the hosts of the hit Podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once. He sits on several committees and was the 2021 HAVAN Member of the Year. He also teaches a course for the design community called The Foundations of Interior Technology Design. In Fall of 2023 his first novel was published - Retail: Redemption at $8.25 an Hour! In his spare time Mike volunteers in his community and listens to a lot of music! He has 11 smokers and loves making Texas style BBQ on the weekends. He is married with 3 kids, 3 black labs and the world’s coolest cat.


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