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13 May 2024

Sealand Flight Commences Electric Aviation in Campbell River

Sealand Flight Commences Electric Aviation in Campbell River

Campbell River, British Columbia - May 13, 2024 - With immeasurable excitement, Sealand Flight proudly announces that our all-electric Pipistrel Velis Electro airplane is now flying. Campbell River is quickly growing into a Canadian forefront of zero emissions aviation. Having received Transport Canada approval to fly the airplane, Sealand is currently limited to electric aircraft differences training for licensed pilots. The flight school is awaiting authorization for full commercial operations, when they will then train new student pilots in the electric airplane.

Since before the Velis Electro’s arrival in BC, Sealand has been collaborating with key industry members and national regulators to ensure the smooth and thorough integration of zero-emissions aircraft into the flying school operation— a feat that is first of its kind in Canada. 

“With the electric airplane now regularly flying, our team at Sealand Flight is conducting training for our pilot staff, and opened up this same possibility for our already licensed customers,” says Mike Andrews. “Program leaders at Transport Canada are actually our first rental customers for the Pipistrel this month. We are confident that this hands-on experience will continue to positively evoke progress in the commercialization of sustainable aviation.”

The next stage for the flight school will be a groundbreaking achievement for Canadian aviation. Sealand eagerly awaits written approval from the aviation regulators, Transport Canada, to begin offering Private Pilot Licence training to brand new students on the electric airplane. This public customer access to electric flying will set a national precedent, being the first commercial use of sustainable aircraft in the country.

Once a timeline is determined with the regulators, Sealand Flight is planning a celebratory event that will be centered around the first “for-hire” use of an electric airplane. A local written submission contest will be held to determine the recipient of this first ever Canadian electric training flight. 

As Sealand Flight stands on the brink of revolutionizing Canadian pilot training, our team remains committed to expanding the boundaries of innovation in aviation. Learn more and stay connected with Sealand’s electric airplane journey by visiting our website and social media: Facebook, Instagram

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